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Voigt, Friederich

A Doctor of Medicine, and Professor and Senator at Dresden. He was a member of the advanced Degrees of the Rite of Strict Observance, where his Order name was Eques Falcone or Knight of the Falcon. In 1788 he attacked Starck's Rite of the Clerks of Strict Observance, and published an essay on the subject, in the year 1788, in the Acta Historico- Ecclesiastica of Weimar. Voigt exposed the Roman Catholic tendencies of the new system, and averred that its object was "to cite and command spirits, to find the philosopher's stone, and to establish the reign of the millennium." His development of the Cabalistic character of the Rite made a deep impression on the Masonic world, and was one of the most effective attacks upon it made by its antagonists of the old Strict Observance.

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