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Vogel, Paul Joachini Sigismund

A distinguished Masonic writer of Germany, who was born in 1753. He was at one time co- rector of the Sebastian School at Altdorf, and afterward First Professor of Theology and Ecclesiastical Counselor at Erlangen. In 1785 he published at Nuremberg, in three volumes, his Briefe die Freimaurerei betreffende or, Letters concerning Freemasonry. The first volume treats of the Knights Templar; the second, of the Ancient Mysteries; and the third, of Freemasonry. This was, says Gloss, the first earnest attempt made in Germany to trace Freemasonry to a true, historical origin. Vogel's theory was this, that the Speculative Freemasons descended from the Operatives or Stone Masons of the Middle Ages. The abundant evidence that more recent documentary researches have produced was then wanting, and the views or Vogel did not make that impression to which they were entitled. He has, however, the credit of having opened the way, after the Abb Grandidier, for those who have followed him in the same field. He also delivered before the Lodges of Nuremberg, several Discourses on the Design, Character, and Origin of Freemasonry which were published in one volume, at Berlin, in 1791.

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