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Vielle-bru, Rite Of

In 1748, the year after the alleged creation of the Chapter of Arras by the Young Pretender, Charles Edward, a new Rite, in favor of the cause of the Stuarts, was established at Toulouse by, as it is said, Sir Samuel Lockhart, one of the Aides-de-Camp of the Prince. It was called the Raite of Vielle-Bru, or Faithful Scottish Masons. It Consisted of nine Degrees, divided into three chapters as follows:

First Chapter, 1, 2, 3. The Symbolic Degrees; 4. Secret Master. Second Chapter, 5, 6, 7, 8. Four Elu Degrees, based on the Templar System. Third Chapter, 9. Scientific Freemasonry. The head of the Rite was a Council of Menatzchim. In 1804 the Rite was refused a recognition by the Grand Orient of France, because it presented no moral or scientific object, and because the Charter which it claimed to have from Prince Charles Edward was not proved to be authentic It continued to exist in the South of France until the year 1812, when, being again rejected by the Grand Orient, it fell into decay.

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