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A republic of South America. Lodges are reported to have been instituted in Venezuela by the Grand Orient of Spain during the years prior to 1824. At that time, however, a Lodge, Logia de la Concordia Venezolana, No. 792, was opened at Angostura but was taken off the register on June 4, 1862. In 1824 also the formation of a Provincial Grand Lodge was authorized by Scotland. At Caracas Joseph Cerneau opened a Grand Lodge and a Supreme Council. In 1827 an edict against secret societies caused all the Lodges, save one, to stop work.

In 1838 the Craft revived. The National Grand Lodge of Venezuela and a Grand Orient were organized. They joined forces on January 12, 1865, as the National Grand Orient of Venezuela comprising four Bodies, Grand Lodge, Grand Chapter, Grand Consistory and Supreme Council. This Grand Orient continued work until August 18, 1916, when it dissolved voluntarily. A Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite was then formed and a Grand Lodge of the United States of Venezuela founded at Caracas. Each stated that it was entirely separate from the other, but by many this was not altogether credited and the doubt was the cause of the formation of several other Grand Bodies. According to Brother Oliver Day Street, in 1918 seven Lodges seceded and formed the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for the Craft working north of the Orinoco. In November, 1919, three Lodges, namely, Asila de la Paz, Home of Peace, No. 13; Virtud y Order, No. 22, and Union No. 49, established the Grand Lodge of the East. This was installed February 9, 1920, and reorganized m January 9, 1921, and controls the Lodges south of the Orinoco and the Federal States east of the Republic.

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