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Upright Man and Mason

And given it strictly in charge ever to walk and act as such before God and Man Admonition in the Apprentice Degree. The definition of Man is interwoven with the Triangle or Pyramid, hence true and upright. In S. P. Andrew's Radical Etymology, or the origin of language and languages, we find the following: "Throughout the Indo-European family of languages, the syllable ma--changeable to me, mi, mo, mu-- means great, and no --changeable to ne, ni, no, nu --means small, as their primal sense. Hence mana, penal menu, etc., mean great- small and thence ratio or proportion, allied with tapering, the cone, pyramid, or triangle. The Latin men-sa is a surveyor's triangular measuring board me(n)ta,' anything conical'; mon-s,' a mountain'; men-s, 'the mind,' that is,' ratio'; Sanskrit, ma; Latin, mensum; English, measure; hence, Sanskrit, mana, manu meaning to think''(see Man).

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