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Universal Craftsmen Council of Engineers

Brothers O.N. Pomeroy and Benjamin Dettlebaek, stationary steam engineers of Cleveland, Ohio, in the course of a friendly meeting, October 20, 1898, conversed about an organization being formed of engineers who were Master Masons.

The outcome of this discussion was that on December 10, 1859, a notice was published in a local newspaper calling a meeting at the Forest City House, when twenty-seven were present on December 22, 1899. Similar organizations have been planted in other parts of the country and these have been grouped into the Universal Craftsmen Council of Engineers. This latter organization came into being through a conference held at Brother Pomeroy's residence at Cleveland, September 14, 1903, with the following, delegates: Oscar Mabie and John L.O'Brien of Chicago, John H. Leathers of Rochester, New York, James Gillespie of Philadelphia, Charles E. Davey of Detroit and Benjamin Dettleback of Cleveland. The organization has established a publication entitled the Universal Engineer. In similar crafts, associations have been formed, as at Cleveland, Ohio, including workers in electricity, plumbing, steam-fitting, printing sheet- metal, building, wood, etc. These are joined in the Body known as the Cleveland Federation of Craftsmen.

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