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Three Globes, Rite of the Grand Lodge of The

On September 13, 1740, the Lodge of the Three Globes. zu den drei Wellkugeln, was established in the City of Berlin, Prussia. In 1744 it assumed the rank and title of a Grand Mother Lodge. At first it worked, like all the other Lodges of Germany, in the English system of three Degrees, and adopted the English Book of Constitutions as its law. But it subsequently became infected with the advanced Degrees, which were at one time so popular in Germany, and especially with the Striet Observance system of Von Hund, which it accepted in 1766. At the extinction of that system the Grand Lodge adopted one of its own, in doing which it was assisted by the labors of Dr. I. F. Zollner, the Grand Master. Its Rite became one of seven higher Degrees added to the three primitive. The latter were under the control of the Grand Lodge; but the seven higher ones were governed by an Internal or Inner Supreme Orient, whose members were, however, elected by the Grand Lodge.



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