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Theocratic Philosophy of Freemasonry

This is a term invented by Dr. G. Oliver to indicate that view of Freemasonry which intimately connects its symbols With the teachings of pure religion, and traces them to the primeval revelations of God to man, so that the philosophy of Freemasonry shall develop the continual government of the Divine Being. Hence he says: "It is the Theocracies Philosophy of Freemasonry that commands our unqualified esteem, and seals in our heart that love for the Institution which will produce an active religious faith and practice, and lead in the end to 'a building not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.' " He has developed this system in one of his works entitled The Theocratic Pilllosopy of Freemasonry, in twelve lectures on its Speculative, Operative, and Spurious Branches. In this work he enters with great minuteness into an examination of the speculative character of the Institution and of its operative division, which he contends had been practiced as an exclusively scientific pursuit from the earliest times in every country in the world. Many of the legendary speculations advanced in this work will be rejected at this day as unsound and untenable, but his views of the true philosophy of Freemasonry are worthy of profound study.

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