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Rite Des Elus Coens, Ou Pretres

The Freneh for Rite of Elect Cohens, or Priests. A system adopted in 1750, but which did not attain its full vigor until twenty-five years thereafter, when Lodges were opened in Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux, and Toulouse. The devotees of Martinez Pasqualis, the founder, were called Martirlistes, and were partly Hermetic and partly Swedenborgian in their teachings. Martinez was a religious man, and based his teachings partly on the Jewish Cabala and partly on Hermetic supernaturalism. The grades were as follows in French: 1. Apprenti 2. Compagnon 3. Maitre 4. Grand Elu 5. Apprenti Coen 6. Compagnon Coen 7. Maitre Coen 8. Grand Architecte 9. Grand Commandeur

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