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Richardson, James Daniel

Born, March 10, 1843, Rutherford County, Tennessee, making his home at Murfreesboro though in Washington, District of Columbia, a large part of a busy career. An enlisted soldier at eighteen, after a year's service he became Adjutant, May 20, 1862, and served throughout the Civil War. Speaker of the Tennessee Legislature, 1871, at twenty-eight years of age; State Senator, 1873; nominated for Congress, August 14, 1884, and served continuously for twenty years, declining further political offiee to give from 1905 his entire energies to the Scottish Rite. Elected Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction four years previously he concluded to make a choice between the two occupations. Raised, October 12, 1867, in Moriah Lodge No. 18, Murfreesboro, Tennessee; served as Master, then Grand Master, 1873-4; exalted, June 23, 1868, Pythagoros Chapter; a mernber of Murfreesboro Council; and knighted in Baldwin Commandery No. 7, Lebanon, Tennessee, June 7, 1869, and was Eminent Commander, Murfreesboro Commandery No. 10. Received the Ineffable Seottish Rite Degrees from General Albert Pike and Deputy Pitkin C. Wright, October 9, 1881; the Rosc Croix on October 11, at Nashville; the Kadosh from Brother Wright at Murfreesboro, October 24, 1881, and from this Brother the Thirty-first and Thirtysecond Degrees were at the same place also communicated on October 27. Elected Knight Commander, Court of Honor, October 23, 1884; coroneted Honorary, December 29, 1884; an Active Member of the Supreme Council, October 23, 1885. Sueeeeded Brother O. S. Long, of West Virginia, as Lieutenant Grand Commander, and in October 1901, elected Grand Commander, following Judge Thomas H. Caswell who died November 13, 1900. He presided at the International Conference of Supreme Councils at Washington, October, 1911; gave liberally of time and energy to the planning and construction of the magnificent House of the Temple, and was also an author of several scholarly historical books. His prompt and continued encouragement of the writer of these lines is a treasured memory and a gladly acknowledged fraternal service. Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Royal Order of Scotland, 1901, he became Provincial Grand Master, 1903. His death occurred on July 24, 1914.

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