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Research Lodges and Associations

Among Lodges and Associations for Masonic re search are: Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research, No. 2076, London, England. Dorset Masters Lodge, No. 3366, Poole, England Manchester Association for Masonic Research, Bury England Merseyside Association for Masonic Research, Birkenhead, England. The Lodge of Reaearch, Leiceater, North Leiceater, England. Somerset Masters Lodge, No. 3746, Shenstone, England Installed Masters' Association, Leeds, England. Lodge of Research, No. 200, Dublin, Ireland. Norfolk Installed Mastery Lodge, No. 3905, Norwich England. Installed Masters Lodge, No. 2494 Hull England Authors' Lodge, No. 3456, London Engiand. (Confined to members of Authors' Club.) The North Carolina Lodge of Research, No. 666, Monroe N. Carolina. Constituted in February. 1931. American Lodge of Researeh, Masonie Hall, New York N. Y. Constituted May 7, 1931 Oregon I,odge of Researeh, Portland, Oregon. Constituted in 1931. Toronto Society for Masonic Study and Research, Toronto, Canada.Missouri Lodge of Research, Masonic Temple, St. Louis, Mo. It received its Dispensation on May 1, 1941 from Harry S. Truman, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Missouri. Research Lodge, No. 281, F.& A. M. of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

(Corrigenda--In Masonic Papers, published by Research Lodge, No. 281, the late Bro. Jacob Hugo Tatsch writes on page 69 of Vol. I that this Encyclopedia "is sadly in need of augmentation, revision, and corrections in places."

It is, it ever has been, it ever will be. Before the first book of the first edition of 1844 was off the presses, Dr. Albert G. Mackey began augmenting and correcting and revising it, and continued to do so until his death, after which Robert Macon, William James Hughan, Edward L. Eawkins, and Robert I. Clegg continued to augment and revise it; it is here and now being augmented and revised, and in another twenty-five years another encyclopedist will be augmenting and revising it again. On page 70 the same writer says that The Builder in its years of existence from 1915 to 1930+ "aided in promoting educational work in the Masonic Service Association of the United States"; there was no connection "between the M.S.A. and the National Masonic Research Society, publisher of The Builder, at any time; the M.S.A. published for a few years a magazine of its own called The Master Mason, edited by Joseph Fort Newton.

(The geography of the State of Washington being what it is, the facilities for state-wide Grand Lodge work, including educational work, have never been easy. In one of his Foreign Correspondence Reports of about 1927 or 1928 Bro. J. Edward Allen, of North Carolina, reviewing Washington, made a disparaging statement about the Educational Committee of that Grand Lodge, which was in error; in the same paragraph he stated that the editor of this Supplement had been employed by that Committee, which was not true. Complete credit for the pioneering of the Masonic educational work in Washington early in the 1920's, of which one of the fruits or end-results is the Research Lodge, goes to Bro. Colonel Howard A. Hanson,.M.-.W.-.Walter F. Meier, andt heir colleagues.)

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