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In parliamentary law, a proposition, when first presented, is called a motion; if adopted, it becomes a resolution. Many Grand Lodges adopt, from time to time, in addition to the provisions of their Constitution, certain resolutions on important subjects, which, giving them an apparently greater weight of authority than ordinary enactments, are frequently appended to their Constitution, or their transaction, under the imposing title of Standing Regulations. But this weight of authority is only apparent. These standing resolutions having been adopted, like all other resolutions, by a mere majority vote, are subject, like them, to be repealed or rescinded by the same vote.

Even a steadfast resolution, expressive as the term may sound, may not mean exactly the same thing to everybody. .A quaint example is recorded in the Transactions, Quatuor Coronati Lodge (volume xi, page 85). A Lodge at Dublin, Ireland, had passed a resolution that only one jug of punch should be placed on the table after supper as some of the brothers had not observed due moderation. Brother Richard Bayly, the Worshipful Master, did not approve of this proceeding and yet he wished to observe the law as strictly as he could and still not show it to interfere with his desires. He had a gigantic pitcher made, a Masonic jug holding eighteen quarts, and presented this to the Lodge in his term of office in 1797.

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