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Report of a Committee

When a Committee, to which a subject had been referred, has completed its investigation and come to an opinion, it directs its Chairman, or some other member, to prepare an expression of its views, to be submitted to the Lodge. The paper containing this expression of views is called its Report, which may be framed in three different forms: It may contain only an expression of opinion on the subject which had been referred; or it may contain, in addition to this, an express resolution or series of resolutions, the adoption of which by the assembly is recommended; or, lastly, it may contain one or more resolutions, Without any preliminary expression of opinion. The Report, when prepared, is read to the members of the Committee, and, if it meets with their final Sanction, the Chairman, or one of the members, is directed to present it to the Lodge. The reading of the Report is its reception, and the next question will be on its adoption. If it contains a recommendation of resolutions, the adoption of the Report will be equivalent to an adoption of the resolutions, but the Report may, on the question of adoption, be otherwise disposed of by being laid on the table, postponed, or recommitted.

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