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Removal of Lodges

On January 25, 1738, the Grand Lodge of England adopted a regulation providing that no Lodge should be removed without the Master's knowledge; that no motion for removing it should be made in his absence; and that if he was opposed to the removal, it should not be removed unless two-thirds of the members present voted in the affirmative (Constitutions, 1738, page 157). But as this rule was adopted subsequent to the General regulations of 1722, it is not obligatory as a law of freemasonry at present. The Grand Lodges of England and of New York have substantially the same rule.

But unless there be a local regulation in the Constitution of any particular Grand Lodge to that effect, there would seem to be no principle of Masonic law set forth in the Ancient Landmarks or Regulations which forbids a Lodge, upon the mere vote of the majority, from removing from one house to another in the same town or city; and unless the Grand Lodge of any particular Jurisdiction has adopted a regulation forbidding the removal of a Lodge from one house to another without its consent, there is no law in Freemasonry of universal force which would prohibit such a removal at the mere option of the Lodge. This refers, of course, only to the removal from one house to another; but as the town or village in which the Lodge is situated is designated in its Warrant of Constitution, no such removal can be made except with the consent of the Grand Lodge, or, during the recess of that Body, by the Dispensation of the Grand Master, to be subsequently confirmed by the Grand Lodge.

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