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Although tradition states that a Lodge existed as early as 1755 in Quebec, Freemasonry was probably first introduced by regiments taking part in the capture of the city in September, 1759. Seven of these had Traveling Warrants, of which the oldest, that of an Irish Lodge, No. 35, attached to the Twenty-eighth Regiment, was dated 1734. In 1759, according to a document possessed by the Grand Lodge Library of England, the Masters and Wardens of the Regimental Lodges in Quebec chose an acting Grand Master to form a Grand Lodge. June 24, 1760, Brother Simon Fraser, Colonel of the Highland Regiment, was elected and installed Grand Master. This Provincial Grand Lodge existed for 32 years. In 1751 arrival Grand Lodge of Irish Brethren was established. Other Provincial Grand Bodies were at work during the next few years, and not until October, 1855, did the Grand Lodge of Canada, governing Canada East and West, that is, Ontario and Quebec, emerge from the confusion. When the Dominion was established it was decided to form the Grand Lodge of Quebec on October 20, 1869, and Brother John Hamilton Graham was chosen Grand Master.

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