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Quarterly Communication

The Old Records of the Institution state that the Fraternity met annually in their General Assembly. The Hallfwell or Regius Manuscript (line 475) says it is true that the Assembly may be held triennially, "Ech year or third year it should be hold" but wherever spoken of in subsequent records, it is always as an Annual Meeting. It is not until 1717 that we find anything said of Quarterly Communications; and the firstt allusion to these subordinate meetings in any printed work to which we now have access is in 1738, in the edition of the Constitutions published in that year. The expression there used is that the Quarterly Comunications were "forthwith revived." This of course implies that they had previously existed; but as no mention is made of them in the Regulations of 1663, which speak only of an "Annual General Assembly," we infer that quarterly communications were first introduced into the Masonic system after the middle of the seventeenth century. They are still retained by the Grand Lodges of England, Scotland, and Ireland, but in the United States only by those of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

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