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Philo-musicae Society, Etc.

As stated in the paragraph on page 772 the Philo-Musicae Et Architecturae Apolloni Society was established by a small group of Freemasons who were lovers of music and architecture early in 1725. A copy of the Minutes was presented by John Henderson, of London, to the British Museum in 1859, and is now listed as Add. Its. No. 23202. Quatuor Coronati Lodge published a reprint of it in Quatuor Coronatorum Antigrapha; Vol. IX; 1900; edited by its Secretary, G. W. Speth, and with a critical Introduction by the erudite Bro. W. Harry Rylands. In the Records the Society (or Lodge) describes itself as having been formed Feb. 18, 1725, at the Queen's Head near Temple Barr. Lane's List of Lodges (Revised Edition) gives the Lodge as at Hollis-Street Oxford-Square, and in a foot-note the Grand Lodge's own list is quoted as having added to that entry: "Ditto, [i.e. Queen's Head] Temple Barr, Philo-Musicae et Architecturae Societas. Every other Thursday from St. John Baptist." It is difficult to know whether this was a society within the Lodge; or a separate society meeting in the same room; etc. The founders were members of the Queen's Head, but during the Society's two years of existence it itself, and acting as a Lodge, "made" eighteen Masons. This small Society with its two years of existence would have attracted very little attention from Masonic historians did not its Minutes appear to show that in 1725 it was conferring two Degrees in addition to the Entered Apprentice Degree. If the latter of these two was the Master Mason Degree the Philo- Musicae Minute is one of the two oldest written records of a Third Degree. (Bro. Robert F. Gould discussed the Minute at length in a paper published in Ars Quatuor Coronstorum, in 1903, later included in his Collected Essatys and Papers Relating to Freemasonry; William Tait; 1913; Ch. XIII.)

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