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Peuvret, Jean Eustache

An usher of the Parliament of Paris, and Past Master of the Lodge of Saint Pierre in Martinico, and afterward a dignitary of the Grand Orient at France. Peuvret was devoted to Hermetic Freemasonry, and acquired some reputation by numerous compilations on Masonic subjects. During his life he amassed a valuable library of mystical, alchemical, and Masonic books, and a manuscript collection of eighty-one Degrees of Hermetic Freemasonry in six quarto volumes. He asserts in this work that the Degrees were brought from England and Scotland; but this Thory (Acta Latomorum 1, page 205) denies, and says that they were manufactured in Paris. Peuvret's exceeding zeal without knowledge made him the victim of every charlatan who approached him. He died at Paris in 1800.

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