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A kingdom of West Asia. No Lodges have been constituted in Persia by the Grand Lodge of England although Sir Gore Ousely, Ambassador to the Shah of Persia in 1810, was appointed Provincial Grand Master for that country. The Grand Orient of France, however, controls one Lodge at Teheran, Le Reveil de l'Iran, meaning in French The AuJakening of Persia. Iran, or Eran, as it is sometimes spelled, is the official designation of the Persian Kingdom and is derived from Aryana, the country of the Aryans, who were the Sanscrit-speaking immigrants to Persia, from India, and the name was thus adopted from ancient times by the Persians.

Several prominent Persians have been Freemasons. Askeri Khan, Ambassador of the Shah, at Paris, was initiated in 1808 and the Mirza Abul Hassan Khan in 1810. According to the Freemason of June 28, 1873 nearly all the members of the Court of Teheran were Freemasons.

On November 24, 1808, when Askeri Khan, the Ambassador of Persia near the Court of France, was received into the Order at Paris by the Mother Lodge of the Philosophic Scottish Rite, he presented his sword, a pure Damascus blade, to the Lodge, with these remarks: I promise you, gentlemen, friendship, fidelity, and es teem. I have been told, and I cannot doubt it, that Freemasons were virtuous, charitable, and full of love and attachment for their sovereigns. Permit me to make you a present worthy of true Frenchmen. Receive this sabre, which has served me in twenty-seven battles. May this act of homage convince you of the sentiments with which you have inspired me, and of the gratification that I feel in belonging to your Order. The Ambassador subsequently seems to have taken a great interest in Freemasonry while he remained in France, and consulted with the Worshipful Master of the Lodge on the subject of establishing a Lodge and Accepted Scottish Rite. He was a very learned man and a voluminous writer of versatile talents, and published numerous worts on mythology, the fine arts, theology, geography, philosophy, and the mathematical sciences, besides some translations from the Latin. He died at Valence, in Dauphiny, in the year 1800.

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