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Perseverance, Order Of

An Adoptive Order established at Paris, in 1771, by several nobles and ladies. It had but little of the Masonic character about it; and, although at the time of its creation it excited considerable sensation, it existed but for a brief period. It was instituted for the purpose of rendering services to humanity. Ragon says (Tuileur General, page 92) that there was kept in the archives of the Order a quarto volume of four hundred leaves, in which was registered ad the good deeds of the Brethren and Sisters. This volume is entitled Ioure d'Honneur de l'Ordre de la Perseuerance. Ragon intimates that this document is still in existence. Thory (Foundation of the Grand Orient, page 383) says that there was much mystification about the establishment of the Order in Paris. Its institutors contended that it originated from time immemorial in Poland, a pretension to which the King of Poland lent his sanction. Many persons of distinction, and among them Madame de Genlis, were deceived and became its members.

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