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Perfect Master

The French name Matre Parfait. The Fifth Degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The ceremonies of this Degree were originally established as a grateful tribute of respect to a worthy departed Brother. The officers of the Lodge are a Master, who represents Adoniram, the Inspector of the Works at Mount Lebanon, and one Warden. The symbolic color of the Degree is green, to remind the Perfect Master that, being dead in vice, he must hope to revive in virtue. His jewel is a compass extended sixty degrees, to teach him that he should act within measure, and ever pay due regard to justice and equity. The apron is white, with a green flap; and in the middle of the apron must be embroidered or painted, within three circles, a cubical stone, in the center of which the letter J is inscribed, according to the old rituals; but the Samaritan yod and he, according to the instructions of the Southern Jurisdiction.

Delaunay, in his Thuileur de l'Ecossztme, gives the Tetragrammaton in this Degree, and says the Degree should more properly be called Past Master or in French, Ancien Matre, because the Tetragrammaton makes it in some sort the complement of the Master's Degree. But the Tetragrammaton is not found in any of the approved rituals, and Delaunay's theory falls therefore to the ground. But besides, to complete the Master's with this Degree would be to confuse all the symbolism of the Ineffable Degrees, which really conclude with the Fourteenth.

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