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Parikchai, Agrouchada

An occult scientific work of the Brahmans. According to a work my Louis Jacolliot, 1884, the Fakirs produced phelomena at will with superior intervention or else with shrewd charlatanism: processes that were Known to the Egyptians and Jewish Cabalists. The loetrines are those known to the Alexandrian school, no the Gauls, and as well to the Christians. In the division of the Cabala, the first treated of the History the Genesis or Creation, and taught the science of culture; the second, or Mereaba, of the History of he Chariot, and contained a treatise on theology. Here were three Degrees of initiation among the Brahmans:

1. According to selection, the candidate became L Grihasta, a Pourohita or Fakir, or in twenty years a Guru. 2. A Sannyassis or Cenobite and Vanaprasthas, find lived in the Temple. 3. A Sannyassis-Nirvany or Naked Cenobite.

Those of the third Degree were visible only once in five years, appearing in a column of light created by themselves, at midnight, and on a stand in the center of a great tank. Strange sounds and terrific shrieks ere heard as they were gazed upon as demigods, surrounded by thousands of Hindus. The government was by a Supreme Council of seventy Brahmans, over seventy years of age, selected from the Nirvany, and chosen to see enforced the Law of the Lotus. The Supreme Chief, or Brahmatna, was required to be saver eighty years of age, and was looked upon as Immortal by the populace. This Pontiff resided in Bn immense palace surrounded by twenty-one walls.

The primitive holy word composed of the three otters A. U. M., says Brother C. T. McClenachan, comprises the Vedic trinity, signifying Creation, Preservation, and Transformation, and symbolizes all the initiatory secrets of the occult sciences. By some it has been taught that the Honover, or primordial germ, as defined in the Avesta, existed before all else (also see Manou, Book xi, Sloca 265).

The following unexplained magical words were always inscribed in two triangles: L'om. L'rhomsh'hrum. Shorim. Ramaya- Nahama. He who possessed the word greater than the A. U. M. was deemed next to Brahma. The word was transmitted in a sealed box.

The Hindu triad, of which in later times Om is the mystic name, represents the union of the three gods, namely, a, Vishnu; u, Siva, m, Brahma. It may also be typical of the three Vedas. Om appears first in the Upanishads as a mystical monosyllable, and is thus set forth as the object of profound meditation. It is usually called pranava, more rarely aksharam. The Buddhists use Om at the beginning of their Vidya Shad-akshari or mystical formulary in six Syllables; namely, Om mani pad me hum (see Pitris Indische Mysterien, also 0m and Aum).

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