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It is the custom in some Grand Lodges and Lodges to nominate candidates for election to office. and in others this custom is not adopted. But the practice of nomination has the sanction of ancient usage- Thus the records of the Grand Lodge Of England, under date of June 24, 1717, tell us that "before dinner the oldest Master Mason . . . in the chair proposed a list of proper candidates, and the Brethren by a majority of hands, elected Mr. Antony Sayer, Gentleman, Grand Master of Masons" (constitutions 1738, page 109).

The present Constitution of the Grand Lodge of England requires that the Grand Master shall be nominated in December, and the Grand Treasurer in September but that the election shall not take place until the following March. Nominations appear, therefore, to be the correct Masonic practice; yet, if a member be elected to any office to which he had not previously been nominated, the election will be valid, for a nomination is not essential.

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