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New Mexico

During the Mexican War Freemasonry was brought into the district by military Lodges attached to Regiments stationed there. Among these Lodges were Missouri, No. 86, and Hardin, No. 87, but both were closed with the end of the Mexican War. The Territory was then established and the Grand Lodge of Missouri issued a Charter for Montezuma Lodge, No. 109, the first Lodge to be organized in the new political division. It was duly instituted on August 22, 1851. A Convention was held at Santa Fe, August 6, 1877, for the purpose of making arrangements to establish a Grand Lodge. Simon B. Newcomb presided and A. Z. Huggins acted as Secretary. Representatives of four Lodges, namely, Aztec, No. 108; Chapman, No. 95; Montezuma, No. 109, and Union, No.480, were appointed to be present, but when the meeting took place those from the last named failed to attend. The next day William W. Griffin was elected Grand Master and David J. Miller, Grand Secretary.

The following Chapters were organized under Dispensation and received Charters: Santa Fe, No. 1, Santa Fe, December 11. 1865, September 18, 1868; Silver City, No. 2, Silver City, February 22, 1876, August 24, 1877; Las Vegas, No. 3, Las Vegas, March 10, 1881, August 15, 1883; Rio Grande, No. 4, Albuquerque, January 12, 1882, August 15, 1883; Deming, No. 5, Deming, February 28, 1885, October 1, 1886; Raton, No. 6, Raton, no Dispensation, July 23, 1891; Columbia, No. 7, Roswell, January 24! 1894, August 24, 1894, and Socorru, No. 8, Socorro, October 1, 1896, October 13, 1897. The Grand Chapter was organized October 3, 1898, and W. H. Seamon was elected Grand High Priest and A. A. Keen, Grand Secretary.

Deming Council, No. 1, was granted a Dispensation May 11, 1887, by the General Grand Council. Its Charter was issued November 19, 1889, but was annulled November 4, 1909. Hiram Council, No. 1, at Albuquerque, organized under a Dispensation, January 19, 1920, was granted a Charter from the General Grand Council on September 9, 1924. Zuni Council, at Gallup, was organized by Dispensation, April 3, 1922, and Santa Fe Council at Santa Fe, April 19, 1922, a Council of that name under Dispensation at Santa Fe, May 1, 1895, surrendered its Dispensation on November 38, 1899.

A Commanlery organized in New Mexico as Santa Fe, No. 1, was granted a Dispensation May 31, 1869.A Charter was issued September 21,1871. When the Grand Commandery was instituted on August 21, }901, there were six subordinate Commanderies in existence, Santa Fe, No. 1; Las Vegas, No. 2; Pilgrim, No.3; McGrorty, No. 4; Aztec, No. 5, and Rio Hondo, No. 6 on August 29 Malta, No. 7, was established at Silver City. A Lodge of Perfection, the first body of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, to be organized in New Mexico, was granted a Charter as Santa Fe, No. 1, on April 8, 1886. On October 20, 1909, three more bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite were chartered, namely, Aztlan Chapter of prose Croix, No. 1 Coronado Council of Kadosh, No. 1, and New Mexico Consistory, No. 1.

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