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Murr, Christoph Gottlieb Von

A distingtushed historical and archeological writer, who was born at Nuremberg, in 1733, and died April 8, 1811. In 1760 he published an Essay on the History of the Greek Tragic Poets, in 1777-82, six volumes of Antiquities of Herculaum, and several other historical works. In 1803 he published an essay on the True Origin of the Orders of Rosicrucianism anal Freemasonry, zeith an Appandi: on the History of the Order of Templars. In this work, Murr attempts to traee Freemasonry to the times of Oliver Cromwell, and maintains that it and Rosicrucianism had an identical origin, and the same history until the year 1633, when they separated.

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