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The Level, Plumb and Square

We meet upon the Level, and we part upon the Square: What words sublimely beautiful those words Masonic are! They fall like strains of melody upon the listening ears, As they've sounded hallelujahs to the world, three thousand years. We meet upon the Level, though from every station brought, The Monarch from his palace and the Laborer from his cot For the King must drop his dignity when knocking at our door And the Laborer is his equal as he walks the cheekered floor. We act upon the Plumb,--'tis our Master's great command We stand upright in virtue's way and lean to neither hand The All-Seeing Eye that reads the heart will bear us witness true, That we do always honor God and give each man his due. We part upon the Square,--for the world must have its due, We mingle in the ranks of men, but keep the Secret true, And the influence of our gatherings in memory is green, And we long, upon the Level, to renew the happy scene. There's a world where all are equal,--we are hurrying toward it fast We shall meet upon the Level there when the gates of death are past We shall stand before the Orient and our Master will be there, Our works to try, our lives to prove by His unerring Square. We shall meet upon the Level there, but never thence depart. There's a mansion bright and glorious, set for the pure in heart Sand an everlasting welcome from the Zost rejoicing there, Who in this world of sloth and sin, did part upon the Square. Let us meet upon the Level, then, while laboring patient here Let us meet and let us labor, tho' the labor be severe; already in the Western Sky the signs bid us prepare, To gather up our Working Tools and part upon the Square. Hands round, ye royal Craftsmen in the bright, fraternal chain ! We part upon the Square below to meet in Heaven again; Each tie that has been broken here shall be cemented there, And none be lost around the Throne who parted on the Square. --ROB MORRIS.

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