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Zion Lodge was established by Warrant, dated April 27, 1764, from Provincial Grand Master George Harrison of New York. It was numbered 448 on the Register of England and No. 1 of Detroit. On September 3, 1806, this Lodge was reorganized and the original Warrant of 1764 was surrendered to the Grand Lodge of New York. The Installation took place on July 6, 1807. Having forfeited its Charter during the War with England, it was granted a new one as No. 62 on March 14, 1816, but by a rearrangement of numbers in 1819 it became Lodge No. 3. A Convention met on June 24, 1826, to organize a Grand Lodge. Representatives of Zion, No. 3; Detroit, No. 337; Minomanie, Nu. 374, and Monroe, No. 375, were present and Oakland, No. 343, joined later. On June 28 a Constitution was adopted and on July 31 Grand Officers were elected and installed. During the Anti-Masonic agitation the Craft in this district almost died out. In 1837, however, Michigan became a State and the increase of population caused a revival of Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Michigan was again constituted on September 17, 1844, and Grand Officers were duly elected.

The members of Zion Lodge formed a Chapter called Monroe Chapter, No. 1, at Detroit which was granted a Dispensation by the General Grand High Priest, DeWitt Clinton, on December 3, 1818. The Chapters in Michigan were authorize in January, 1848, by the General Grand Scribe to meet and organize a Grand Chapter for the State. Representatives of Monroe Chapter, No. 1; St. Joseph Valley, No. 2, and Jackson Chapter, No. 3, were present at a Convention held on March 9, 1848, and Grand Officers were elected and installed.

Monroe Council was formed by the members of Monroe Chapter, No. 1, at Detroit. On May 13, 1856, at the annual assembly of the Grand Council of Connecticut, it was reported that a Dispensation had been granted to Monroe Council, No. 23, at Detroit. A meeting of the Council was held on May 19, 1856, to receive the Dispensation and a Code of By-Laws was adopted. Representatives from Monroe, St. Clair and Pontiac Councils, all of which possessed Charters dated May 12, 1857, met on January 13, 1858, at Detroit and formed a Grand Council. Detroit, No. 1, at Detroit was the first Commandery to be organized in Michigan. Its Dispensation was issued November 1,1850, and its Charter, September 19, 1853. Six Commanderies sent representatives to Detroit on January 15, 1857, and, by Warrant issued February 12, 1857, instituted the Grand Commandery of Michigan. The Grand Master of the General Grand Encampment was present and installed the Grand Officers on January 11, 1858 The beginning of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Michigan was at Detroit. On May 26, 1861, the Carson Council of Princes of Jerusalem was chartered. On May 22, 1862, the Detroit-Carson Lodge of Perfection, the Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix, and the Michigan Consistory were established.

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