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Masonic Archeological Institute

This was the title of a Society founded in England about 1871. Brother Walter Besant was the Secretary though he was not an original member of the Society which was probably founded by Brother William Smith, C. E., once Editor of the Freemason or Freemasons Magazine. The objects of the Society were the advancement of those branches of archeological knowledge and research which either directly or indirectly bear upon Freemasonry. Besides the study of Freemasonry proper, the Institute was to have papers read and discuss subjects connected with mysticism and allegorical teachings in literature and philosophy; symbolism in religion and art; the development and progress of architecture; the history of secret sects, associations and brotherhoods; and similar subjects. It was understood that no papers would be published whose subjects rendered them unsuitable for the reading of those who were not Freemasons. Later on Brother Besant became Treasurer and R. G. Haliburton the Secretary.

The latter was a Freemason of Saint John's Lodge, Nova Scotia, and was the son of Judge Haliburton, author of Sam Slick. The Society was not of long life but is particularly noteworthy because several of its early members were connected with the founding of Quatuor Coronati Lodge.

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