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Man or Perfected Creation

The symbol representing perfected creation, which is very common on ancient Hindu monuments in China," embraces so many of the Masonic emblems, and so directly refers to several of the elementary principles taught in philosophic Freemasonry, that it is here introduced with its explanations. Forlong, in his Faiths of Man, gives this arrangement: A--is the Earth, or foundation on which all build. Wa--Water, as in an egg, or as condensed fire and ether. Ra--Flie, or the elements in motion. Ka--Air, or wind--Juno. or Io ni; a condensed element. Cha--Ether, or Heaven, the cosmical Fermer

The accompanying illustration sholvs a design that is frequently found in India. As these symbols are readily interpretable by those conversant with Masonic hieroglyph it may be seen that the elements, in their ascending scale, show the perfected creation. Forlong remarks that:

As it was difficult to show the All-pervading Ether Egypt for this purpose. surrounded her figures with a powder of stars instead of flame, which on Indra's garments were Yonis. This figure gradually developed, becoming in time a very concrete man, standing on two legs instead of a square base--the horns of the crescent Air, being outstretched. formed the arms, and the refulgent Flame. the head, which, with the Greeks and Romans, represented the Sun, or Fire, and gives Light to all. To this being, it was claimed, there were given seven senses; and thus, perfect and erect, stood Man, rising above the animal state.

A discussion of the subject is to be found in Chinese Thought, by Brother Paul Carus, a treatise of decided interest.

The seven senses were seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, understanding, and speech (see Ecclesiasticus, in the Apocrypha xvii, 1-5):

"The Lord created man," and "They received the use of the five operations of the Lord; and in the sixth place he imparted (to) them understanding, and in the seventh speech, an interpreter of the cogitations thereof."

The words "seven senses" also occur in the poem of Taliesin, called Y Bid Mavrr, or the Macrocosm (British Magazine, volume xxi, page 30). See further the Mysterium Magnum of Jacob Boehmen, which teaches "how the soul of man, or his inward holy body," was compounded of the seven properties under the influence of the seven planets:

I will adore my Father, My God, my Supporter, Who placed, throughout my head, The soul of my reason, And made for my perception My seren faculties Of Fire, and Earth, and Water, and Air And mist, and flowers, And the southerly wind, As it were seven senses of reason For my Father to impel me: With the first I shall be animated With the second I shall touch, With the third I shall cry out, With the fourth I shall taste With the fifth I shall see, With the sixth I shall hear, With the seventh I shall smell.

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