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Among the several significance of word are the following:

1. Man has been called the Microcosm, or little world, in contradistinction to the Macrocosm, or great world, by some fanciful writers on metaphysics, by reason of a supposed correspondence between the different parts and qualities of his nature and those of the universe. But in Masonic symbolism the idea is borrowed from Christ and the Apostles, who repeatedly refer to man as a symbol of the Temple.

2. A man was inscribed on the standard of the Tribe of Reuben, and is borne on the Royal Arch banners as appropriate to the Grand Master of the Second Veil. It was also the charge in the third quarter of the arms of the Atholl Grand Lodge.

3. Der Mann, or the 7nan, is the Second Degree of the German Union. 4. To be "a man, not a woman," is one of the qualifications for Masonic initiation. It is the first, and therefore the most important, qualification mentioned in the ritual.

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