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Maier, Michael

A celebrated Rosicrucian and interpreter and defender of Rosicrueianism. He was born at Resinsburg, in Holstein, in 1568, and died at Magdeburg in 1620, Spence says 1622 (EncycZopsedia of Occultism, 1920) though the former figure is usually given. He is said to have been the first to introduce Rosicrucianism into England. He wrote many works on the system, among which the most noted are Atlanta Fugiens, 1618; Septimana Philosophica, 1620; De Fraternitate Rosoe Crucis, 1618; and Lusus Serius, 1617. Some of his contemporaries having denied the existence of the Rosicrucian Order, Maier in his writings has refuted the calumny and warmly defended the Society, of which, in one of his works, he speaks thus: "Like the Pythagoreans and Fgyptians, the Rosicrucians exact vows of silence and secrecy. Ignorant men have treated the whole as a fiction; but this has arisen from the five years probation to which they subject even well-qualified novices before they se admitted to the higher mysteries, and within this period they are to learn how to govern their own tongues."

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