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Magnetic Freemasonry

This is a form of Freemasonry which, although long ago practiced by Cagliostro as a species of charlatanism, in the opinion of Brother Mackey was first introduced to notice as a philosophic system by Ragon in his treatise on Uafonnerie Occulte.

"The occult sciences," says this writer, "reveal to man the mysteries of his nature, the secrets of his organization, the means of attaining perfection and happiness; and, in short, the decree of his destiny. Their study was that of the high initiations of the Egyptians; it is time that they should become the study of modern Masons." And again he Id "A Masonic society which should establish in its bosom a magnetic academy would soon find the reward of its labors in the good that it would do, and the happiness which it would create." There can be no doubt that the Masonic investigator has a right to search everywhere for the means of moral, intellectual, and religious perfection; and if he can find anything in magnetism which would aid him in the search, it is his duty and wisest policy to avail himself of it. But, nevertheless, Magnetic Freemasonry, as a special regime, or Rite, will hardly ever be adopted by the Fraternity.

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