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Luchet, Jean Pierre Louis, Marquis De

A French historical writer, who was born at Saintes in 1740, and died in 1791. He was the writer of many works of but little reputation, but is principally distinguished in Masonic literature as the author of an attack upon Illuminism under the title of Essai sur la Secte des Illumins. It first appeared anonymously in 1789. Four editions of it were published. The third and fourth with augmentations and revisions, which were attributed to Mirabeau, were printed with the outer title of Histoire secrete de la Cour deBerlin, par Mirabeau. This work was published, it is known, without his consent, and was burned by the common executioner in consequence of its libelous character. Luchet's essay has become very scarce, and is now valued rather on account of its rarity than for its intrinsic excellence.

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