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Ludendorff and Freemasonry

After Germany's defeat in 1918 General Eric von Ludendorff began an open and declared war on Freemasonry with a pronunciamento which began: "Today, Liege Day, General Ludendorff strikes a devastating blow against Freemasonry ...." This blow consisted of a periodical called Dee Deutsche Wochenschau, and of a pamphlet called Destruction of Freemasonry by the Disclosure of its Secrets, followed by a sequel entitled War Propaganda and Mass Murders of the last 150 years in the Service of the Grand Architect of the Universe. The General also gathered about him a band, or bund, including a number of alarmed ladies; including also Adolf Hitler, his favorite protege, and with whom he marched in the Munich putsch. The General reported to his countrymen that he was being enthusiastically assisted in his researches by his wife.

"The secret of Freemasonry is always the Jew." "All Germans who are initiated into Freemasonry are fettered with Jewish bonds and are lost to Germany for ever." The purpose of these Jews is by means of Freemasonry to subjugate Germany, with its holy soil, to "the Jewish Capitalist Priestly World Monarchy" in New York City. The League of Nations conferences in Geneva were held under Masonic auspices. Benes was a Mason. Dr. Stresemann was. Each had received that indelible stamp on his countenance by which a non- Mason can tell a Mason at a distance. Even Mrs. Ludendorff became adept at identifying them on the street. Such were a few of the General's "devastating blows."

Nine German Grand Lodges replied to General Ludendorff, "a man of such former greatness and importance." Some hundreds of ex-officers sent the General an Open Letter; in it they reminded him that the "great Prussian War Lord, Field-Marshal Blucher," had spent "thirty years of leading activity in our Brotherhood"; Ludendorff and his wife replied that Blucher had not kept his oath of allegiance to the king (probably a Mason).

General Ludendorff and his wife next announced that the War Memorial at Tannenberg was a secretly inspired Cabalistic and Jewish temple symbolically representing the Masonic domination of the world. The Masonic Apron is the Apron of the priest of the "filthy Jehovah"; to wear it means that a Mason has been symbolically circumcised. The general confessed that these discoveries had been distasteful to his wife but that she had heroically endured them.

Ludendorff had been Chief of the General Staff. After having heard of the General's (and his wife's) "discoveries" President von Hindenburg grunted: "I know quite well what I am to think of Freemasonry. My grandfathers were Freemasons ...." In a letter to the Association of German Students Ludendorff said, "I do not rate this fight any less important than the struggles of the World War."

General Ludendorff and his wife next discovered that a large number of Pastors in the Evangelieal Church were Masons; they withdrew from membership. Is there a more deplorable picture than that of innumerable Protestant ministers of German blood wearing the Aaron apron and practicing the ritual of symbolical circumcision!" But the General and his wife found even more deplorable pictures. Melanehthon had been a "Lodge Brother," and a thief Lessing was murdered in Lodge. Mozart was poisoned by Masons. Schiller was murdered by Masons, with the connivance of Goethe, who, as a Mason, was a "mute dog" and "the living corpse of Weimar." Mrs. Ludendorff, become an expert by long tutelage under her husband, linked Jews, Jesuits, and Freemasons together, and explained that they committed crimes because they were "children of the moon." (A complete bibliography is given on page 360 of The Freemasons by Eugen Lennhof, Oxford University Press; New York; 1934. The above is indebted to Ch. 3, Part III.)

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