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Lodge of Instruction

These are assemblies of Brethren congregated without a Warrant of Constitution, under the direction of a lecturer or skillful Brother, for the purpose of improvement in Freemasonry, which is accomplished by the frequent rehearsal of the work and lectures of each Degree.

The Bodies should consist entirely of Master Masons; and though they possess no Masonic power, it is evident to every Freemason that they are extremely useful as schools of preparation for the duties that are afterward to be performed in the regular Lodge. In England, these Lodges of Instruction are attached to regularly Warranted Lodges, or are specially licensed by the Grand Master. But they have an independent set of officers, who are elected at no stated periods--sometimes for a year, sometimes for six or three months, and sometimes changed at every night of meeting. They of course have no power of initia- AS tion, but simply meet for purposes of practice in the ritual. They are, however, bound to keep a record of their transactions, subject to the inspection of the superior powers.

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