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A Degree formerly conferred in England, in conneetion with the Mark Degree, under the title of the Mark and Link or Wrestle, sometimes known as the Ark, Mark,Link, or Wrestle (see in this connection Genesis xi, 1-9; xxxii, 2G30). The Degree is now obsolete.



The author of the celebrated Masonic anthem beginning Let there be Light! Th' Almighty spoke Refulgent beams from chaos broke, T' illume the rising earth. Well pleased the great Jehovah stood The Power Supreme pronounced it good, And gave the planets birth.

Little is known of his personal history except that he was the Coroner of Wakefield, England, and for many years the Master of the Lodge of Unanimity, No. 238, in that town. He was a zealous and studious Freemason. In 1789 he published, at Leeds, a volume of plays, poems, and miscellaneous writings, among which was an essay entitled Strictures on Freemasonry, and the anthem already referred to. He appears to have been a man of respectable abilities.

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