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Lindbergh, Charles A.

and other Pioneer Masonic Aviators. Famous air-mail pilot whose non-stop flight from the United States to France, May 2-1, 1927, followed a trip by air from San Diego, California, to St. Louis, Missouri, thence to the Atlantic seaboard, and these excursions were continued with journeys to the countries southward in the Western Hemisphere, returning to his home city of St. Louis by way of Havana, Cuba, all daring exploits modestly done. Born on February 4, l902, Colonel Lindbergh was initiated in Keystone Lodge No. 243, St. Louis, on July 9, 1926; Passed, October 20, and Raised, December 15, and became a member of St. Louis Chapter No. 22. Other notable air-men of the period included Commander Richard E. Byrd who also made, on June 29-July 1, 1927, a non-stop trip to France and had similarly journeyed to the North Pole, May 9, 1926, was Raised, March 9, 1921, in Federal Lodge No. 1 at Washington, District of Columbia; Lieutenants Albert F. Hegenberger and Lester J. Maitland, the first to make a successful flight by air to Hawaii from the United States, were both Freemasons, Brother Hegenberger a member of Stillwater Lodge No. 616, Dayton, Ohio, Brother Maitland a member of Kenwood Lodge No. 303, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Raised July 19, 1921; Edward S. Evans, Master in 1927 of Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, Michigan, circled the globe in 28 days, 14 hours, and 36 minutes, spending 16 days on ocean, 5 on trains, 8 on planes; traveling 8,000 miles by boat, 4,000 by train, the remainder by plane about 18,700 miles in all. A courageous attempt to break this record by use of plane only was made by another Palestiner, Brother Edward F. Schlee, who traveled eastward from Detroit as far as Japan when the trip was abandoned. Clarence D. Chamberlain and Charles A. Levine, the latter a member of Fortitude Lodge No. 19, Brooklyn, New York, made the journey in a plane from New York to Germany, June 4-6, 1927. Major Frederick L. Martin, United States Army, commanded the first world flight in 1924; he, a member since 1919 of Myron M. Parker Lodge No. 27, Washington, District of Columbia, and Lieutenant Leslie P. Arnold, another world flier, and Major Herbert A. Darque, appointed commander air expedition to circle South American continent, 1926, are Freemasons. Paul Redfern, lost on a monoplane 4,600mile trip, Georgia to Rio de Janeiro, leaving August 25, petitioned Richland Lodge No. 39, Columbia, South Carolina, August 8, 1927, and at request of Richland Lodge was initiated by Atlantic Lodge No. 82, Brunswick, Georgia. Lieutenant Bernt Balchin, mechanic of Commander Byrd's airplane flight to France, since initiated in Norsemen Lodge No. 878, Brooklyn, New York (see Grand Lodge Bulletin, Iowa, September, 1927; American Tyler Keystone, November, 1927 Masonic Outlook, August, 1927).

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