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The Abb Lefranc, Superior of the House of the Eudistes at Caen, was a very bitter enemy of Freemasonry, and the author of two libelous works against the Craft, both published in Paris; the first and best known, entitled Le Voile leP pour les curieuc, ou le secret des revolutions, rul raids de la franc-Mafonnerie, or The Veil Lified for the Curious, or the Secret of Revolutions, disclosed as the effort of Freemasonry, 1791, republished at Leige in 1827, arid the other, Conjuration corare la religion Catholique et les sowerains, dent le projet, coypu en France, dot s'xcuter dans Junipers enter, or the Conspiracy against the Catholic Religion and Rulers, a Project conceived in France aims to spread over the Whole World, 1792. In these scandalous books, and especially in the former, Lefranc has, to use the language of Thory (Acta Latomorum I, 192), "vomited the most undeserved abuse of the Order." Of the Veil Lifled, the two great detractors of Freemasonry, Robison and Barruel, entertained different opinions. Robison made great use of it in his Proofs of a Conspiracy; but Barruel, while speaking highly of the Abb's virtues, doubts his accuracy and declines to trust to his authority.

Lefranc was slain in the massacre of September 9, at the Convent of the Carmelites, in Paris, with one hundred and ninety-one other priests. Thory (Acta Latomorum i, 192) says that M. Ledhui, a Freemason, who was present at the sanguinary scene, attempted to save the life of Lefranc, and nearly lost his own in the effort. The Abb says that, on the death of a friend, who was a zealous Freemason and Master of a Lodge, he found among his papers a collection of Masonic writings containing the rituals of a great many Degrees, and from these he obtained the information on which he has based his attacks upon the Order. Some idea may be formed of his accuracy and credibility, from the fact that he asserts that Faustus Socinus, the Father of Mcdern Unitarianism, was the contriver and inventor of the Masonic system a theory so absurd that even Robison and Barruel both reject it.

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