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An officer of one of the Lodges of Milan, Italy, of whom Rebold (History of Three Grand Lodges, page 575) gives the following account. When, in 1805, a Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was established at Milan, Lechangeur became a candidate for membership. He received some of the Degrees; but subsequently the founders of the Council, for satisfactory reasons, declined to confer upon him the superior grades. Incensed at this, Lechangeur announced to them that ne would elevate himself above them by creating a Rite of ninety Degrees, into which they should not be admitted. He carried this project into effect, and the result was the Rite of Mizraim, of which he declared himself to be the Superior Grand Conservator. His energies seem to have been exhausted in the creation of his unwieldy rite, for no Chapters were established except in the City of Naples. But in 1810 a patent was granted by him to Michel Bedarride, by whom the Rite was propagated in France. Lechangeur's fame, as the founder of the Rite, was overshadowed by the greater zeal and impetuosity of Bedarride, by whom his self-assumed prerogatives were usurped. He died in 1812.

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