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Le Bauld De Nans, Claude Etienne

A distinguished Masonic writer, born at Besangon in 1736. He was by profession a highly respected actor, and a man of much learning, which he devoted to the cultivation of Freemasonry. He was for seven years Master of the Lodge Saint Charles de l'Union, in Mannheim; and on his removal to Berlin, in 1771, became the Orator of the Lodge Royale York de l'Mmiti, Royal York of Friendship, and editor of a Masonic journal. He delivered, while Orator of the dodge a position which he resigned in 1778 a large number of discourses, a collection of which was published at Berlin in 1788. He also composed many Masonic odes and songs, and published, in 1781, a collection of his songs for the use of the Lodge Royale York, and in 1786, his Lyre Masonnique, or Masonic Harp, a familiar title for a songbook. He is described by his contemporaries as a man of great knowledge and talents, and Fessler has paid a warm tribute to his learning and to his labors in behalf of Freemasonry. He died at Berlin in 1789.

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