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Lawrence Samuel Crocke

born at Medford, Massachusetts, November 22, 1832, and died there on September 24, 1911. A graduate of Harvard University, a member of the banking firm of Bigelow and Lawrence at Chicago, then in 1858 joined his father and brother in business at Medford until 1905. Active in many important business enterprises he was also Lieutenant, 1855; Captain, 1856; Major, 1859, and Colonel of the Fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Militia, 1861, and organized his regiment on a war footing even before the outbreak of Civil War hostilities and was severely wounded in the battle of Bull Run, 1861. First Mayor of Medford. Brought to light in Hiram Lodge at West Cambridge, novr Arlington, October 26, 1854, a charter member of Mount Hermon Lodge, Medford, was Junior Warden, Senior Warden, and Master until 1865; in 1870 elected Grand Senior Warden, ance 1869 a Director, and Grand Master of Massachusetts in 1881-3. Exalted, Saint Paul's Chapter, June 13, 1855, and a charter member and Past High Priest, Mystic Chapter at Medford. A Companion of Boston Council, and a Knight of DeMolay Commandery, Boston, 1858; becoming Eminent Commander, he was Grand Commander in 1894.

In the Scottish Rite he received the Degrees Fourth to Thirty-second in 1862, the Honorary in 1864, and became an Active on December 14, 1866. Grand Commander Barton Smith wrote of him (Proceedings, 1912, page 228): "It is to his diplomatic skill and wise and prudent judgment more than to that of any other one person, and probably more than to that of all persons, that the great Reunion of 1867 was due. When he succeeded in bringing about a friendly conference between William Sewall Gardner and Henry L. Palmer, the great seed was sown from which has grown our present Supreme Council." From May 17, 1867, to his resignation as Grand Commander at Detroit, through failing health, September 22, 1910, he loyally served as an officer of the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

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