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Lane, John

Born in England, in 1843, he died suddenly on December 30, 1899. Statistician of the Masonic Fraternity, as he was so termed by Brother W. J. Hughan. Initiated on September 10, 1878, in the Jordan Lodge, No. 1402, at Torquay, he scarcely ever missed one of its meetings. He became Worshipful Master in 1882.

Brother Lane published his Masonic Records, 1717 -1886, in 1886, a second edition appearing in 1895. The Board of General Purposes, Grand Lodge of England, warmly praised the colossal volume and remarked most truly "that many years of patient labor and careful research were spent by the compiler in its preparation, and it is perhaps the most useful Masonic work ever published." In 1889 he published A Handy Book to the study of the engraved, printed, and manuscript Lists of Lodges of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of England Moderns and Ancient 1723-1814; and in 1891, Centenary Warrants and Jewels, comprising an account of all the Lodges under the Grand Lodge of England to which Centenary Warrants had been granted, together with illustrations of all the special Jewels.

He contributed several papers to Freemasonry during his affiliation with the Inner Circle of Quatuor Coronati Lodge which Brother Lane joined in 1887, and of which he was a very active and devoted member. A representative list of these articles is given here: "Another New List of Lodges, A.D. 1732," 1898; "Early Lodges of Freemasons, Their Constitution and Warrants, 1717-1760;" "Masters Lodges," 1888 and 1895; "Date of Origin of the Grand Lodge of the Ancient 1751," 1892, appeared in the Transactions of Quatuor Coronati Lodge; "motes on the Minute Book of an Early Athol Lodge," 1887; "Old Warrants, Lodge of Unanimity, No. 89, Dukinfield," 1891: "Notes on the FPrlv Minute Book of Premier Grand Lodge of England, 1887, appeared in the Freemason, and an article entitled "Lodges in America under the English Constitution, 1733-1889, " was printed in the History of Freemasonry and Concordant Orders. An important Lecture of Brother Lane's led to considerable discussion, but could not be reproduced in print. It bore the suggestive title "Some Aspects of Early English freemasonry Esoteric, with Special Reference to the Signs, Tokens, Words and Obligations."

For biographical references to Brother Lane see Freemason, No. 34, 1895 (pages 33G5), and Transactions, Quatuor Coronati Lodge (volume XLU, page 41, 1900).

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