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On July 3, 1838, Congress passed a bill for the organization of the Territory of Iowa, and two years later the brethren in the new State decided to tour a Lodge. On November 19, 1840, a meeting was held at which were present Col. Hiram C. Bennett, Evan Evans William Fove, David Hammer, Robert Martins J. L. Lockwood, William Thompson, W. D. NIcCord, Thomas H. Curts, Chauncey Swan, Theodore S. Parvin and Robert Lucas, Governor of the Territory. The petition for the new Lodge was drawn up and a Dispensation dated November 20, 1840, was received from the Deputy Grand Master of Missouri. Brothers Bennett, Thompson and Evans svere named as Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens. The Dispensation was granted to Burlington Lodge but after the Charter was issued the name was changed to Des Moines Lodge. The Grand Lodge of Iowa was formed by Des Moines Lodge, No. 1; Iowa Lodge, No. 2; Dubuque Lodge, No. 3, and Iowa City Lodge, No. 4, formerly Nos. 41, 42, 62, and 63 of Missouri. Brother Ansel Humphreys presided over the Convention held on January 2, 1844, and Brother John H. McKinney was Secretary. Brothers Oliver Cock and T. S. Parvin were elected Most Worshipful Grand Master and Grand Secretary. The Deputy General Grand High Priest authorized by proxy the formation of Iowa Chapter at Burlington, by Dispensation dated August 4, 1843. A Charter was granted on September 11, 1844. A Convention of four Chapters, namely, Iowa Chapter, No. 1; Iowa City Chapter, No. 2; Dubuque Chapter, No. 3, and Washington Chapter, No. 4, met at Mount Pleasant on June 8, 1854, and established the Grand Chapter of Iowa. Some time later the Grand Chapter of Iowa opposed the authority of the General Grand Chapter by claiming the privilege of issuing Dispensations for the organization of Chapters wherever no other Grand Chapter was at work. On October 26, 1869, however, it annulled its act of secession passed nine years previously, and since 1871 has been represented in the General Grand Chapter.

When the General Grand Chapter gave up control over Council Degrees in 1855, Companion Theodore S. Parvin journeyed to Alton where, on February 9~ 1855, he was empowered by Dispensation to organize Webb Council which was chartered by the Grand Council of Illinois, September 26, 1855. Webb Council, Excelsior Council and Dubuque Council held a Convention at Dubuque on January 2, 1857, and a Grand Council was organized. On October 15, 1878, the Grand Council adopted a plan of consolidation whereby the Degrees were to be conferred in a Royal Arch Chapter. On March 1, 1899, the Grand Chapter gave up this control of the Cryptic Degrees and therefore representatives from ten chartered Councils met at Des Moines, October 15, 1900, on the invitation of General Grand Master William H. Mayo, and organized a Grand Council.

The DeMolay Commandery, No. 1, at Muscatine, was organized by Dispensation March 14, 1855, and chartered, September 10, 1856. Four Commanderies: De Molay, No. 1; Palestine, No. 2; Siloam, No. 3, and Des Moines. No. 4, took part in the organization of the Grand Commandery of Iowa on October 97, 1863, acting upon 3 Warrant issued by Sir B. B. French, Grand Master of the Grand Encampment.

The ancient and accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, was first established in Iowa at Clinton. On May 12, 1869, a Lodge of Perfection, Iowa, No. 1, was opened; 3 Council of Ivadosh, Hugh de Payens, No. 1, and 3 Chapter of Rose Croix, Delphic, No. 1, on July 21, 1870, and the De Molay Consistory, No. 1, on March 6, 1877.

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