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Jewels, Official

Jewels are the emblems worn by Maonic officers as distinctive badges In Masonic Facts and Fict (page 12), Brother Sadler is of the opinion that in the early days no jewels were worn, even by the Grand Master himself. He points to the portrait of Antony Sayer, the Grand Master, 1717, who is represented wearing a plain leather apron, but no jewel of any kind. The same may be said of Montgomery, the Grand Guarder. Brother Sadler also quotes a most important Minute of the Grand Lodge as follows:

24th June, 1727. Resolved Nem. Con. that in all private Lodges and Quarterly Communications and general meetings Ma(ste)r and Wardens do wear the Jewels of Masonry hanging to a white ribbon (viz.) that the Ma(ste)r wear the Square, the Senior Warden the Level, the Junior Warden the Plumb Rule.

Brother W. Harry Rylands says this points to the idea of wearing jewels instead of using them.

For the purpose of reference, the jewels worn in Symbolic Lodges, in Chapters, Councils, and Commanderies are here appended.

1. Symbolic Loges W.-. Master, a square. Senior Warden a level. Junior Warden a plumb. Treasurer, crossed keys. Secretary crossed pens. Senior Deacon, square and compass, sun in the center. Junior Deacon, square and compass, moon in the center Steward, a cornucopia. Tiler, crossed swords. The jewels are of silver in a subordinate Lodge, and of gold in a Grand Lodge. In English Lodges, the jewel of the Deacon is a dove and olive branch.

2. Royal Arch Chapters High Priest, a miter. King, a level surmounted by a crown. Scribe, a plumb-rule surmounted by a turban. Captain of the Host, a triangular plate inscribed with a soldier. Principal Sojourner a triangular plate inscribed with a pilgrim. Royal Arch Captain, a sword. Grand Master of the Veils, a sword. The other officers as in a Symbolic Lodge. All the jewels are of gold, and suspended within an equilateral triangle.

3. Royal and Select Councils. T. I. Grand Master, a trowel and square. I. Hiram of Tyre, a trowel and level. Principal Conductor of the Works a trowel and plumb. Treasurer, a trowel and crossed keys. Recorder, a trowel and crossed pens. Captain of the Guards, a trowel and sword. Steward, a trowel and crossed swords. Marshal, a trowel and baton.

If a Conductor of the Council is used, he wears a trowel and baton, and then a scroll is added to the Marshal's baton to distinguish the two officers.. All the jewels are of silver, and are enclosed within an equilateral triangle. 4. Commanderies of Knights Tempter. Em't Commander, a cross surmounted by rays of light. Generalissimo, a square surmounted by a paschal lamb Captain-General, a bevel surmounted by a rooster. Prelate a triple triangle. Senior Warden, a hollow square and sword of justice. Junior Warden, eagle and flaming sword. Treasurer, crossed keys. Recorder, crossed pens. Standard-Bearer a plumb surmounted by a banner. Warder, a square plate inscribed with a trumpet and crossed swords. Three Guards, a square plate inscribed with a battle-ax. The jewels are of silver.

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