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Jermyn, Henry

Anderson says in the Constitutions (1738, page 101) that Henry Jermyn, Earl of St. Albans, was Grand Master and held a General Assembly on the 27th of December, 1663, at which six Regulations, which he quotes, were made. Roberts, in his edition of the Old Constitutions printed in 1722, the earliest printed Masonic book that we have, refers also to this General Assembly; the date of which he, hoxvever, makes the 8th of December. Roberts gives what he calls the Additional Orders and Constitulions. The Harleian Manuscript, in the British Museum, numbered 1942, which Brother Hughan supposes to have the date of 1670, and which he has published in his Old Chargers of the British Freemasons (page 52, edition of 1872), contains also six new articles. The articles in Robert's and the Harleian Manuscript are identical, but the wording is slightly altered by Anderson after his usual fashion. Of these new articles, one of the most important is that which prescribes that the society of Freemasons shall thereafter be governed by a Master and Wardens. Brother Hughan thinks that there is no evidence of the statement that a General Assembly was held in 1663. But it would seem that the concurring testimony of Roberts in 1722 and of Anderson in 1738, with the significant fact that the charges are found in a manuscript written seven years after, give some plausibility to the statement that a General Assembly was held at that time.

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