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A combination of the two Hebrew pronouns m, ho, meaning He, and of, hi, meaning 'n; thus mystically representing the twofold sex of the Creator, and obtained by a Cabalistic transposition or inversion of the letters of the Tetragrammaton nln' or Ihoh. Ho-hi, therefore, thus Cabalistically obtained, denotes the male and female principle, the vis genitrix, the phallus and lingam, the point within the circle; the notion of which, in some one form or another of this double gender, pervades all the ancient systems as the representative of the creative power Thus, one of the names given by the mythological writers to the Supreme Jupiter was appevo9vXvs, the man-woman. In one of the Orphic hymns we find the following line: Zeus QpO7/V, yevero, Zfus vS3poros e7rXero Wag. Jove is a male, Jove is all immortal virgin.

Plutarcht in his Isis and Osiris, says, "God, wbo is a male and female intelligence, being both Life and Light, brought forth another intelligence, the Creator Of the world." All the Paean gods and goddesses, however various their appellation, were but different expressions for the male and fenale principle. "In feet," says Russel, "they may all be included in the one great Hermaphrodite, the appevoinaus who combines in His nature all the elements of production, and who continues to support the vast creation which originally proceeded from His will." And thus, too, may we learn something of the true meaning of the passage in Genesis (I, 27), where it is said, "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them." The suggestion of this working of Ho-hi out of Oh- Ho was put forward by George R. Gliddon, the Egyptologist, who had obtained it from the writings of Lanzi, the Italian antiquary.

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