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Hebrew Chronology

The ecclesiastical year commences with the first Nisan, March, but the civil reckoning begins with the first Tishri, September, which is New Year's Day. The following dates are accepted by the Hebrews, as given by Doctor Zunz in Remarks prefacing The 24 Books of the Holy Scriptures according to the .Massoretic Text: BEFORE CONMON ERA. 3988, Creation. 2332, Flood. 2040, Abraham born. 1575, Moses born. 1495, Exodus. 1051, David acknowledged as King. 1015, First Temple commenced. 586, First Temple destroyed. 536, Cyrus Decree. 516, Second Temple completed. 330, Alexander conquers Palestine. The succeeding dates are in accord with the research of other authorities. The Temple was dedicated on five occasions: 1. 1004 B.C., fifteenth day of Tishri- Ethanim and Abib. First Kings via 2 to 62. 2. 726 B. C., when purified from the abominations of Ahaz. 3. 516 B.C., third Adar, upon completion of Zerubbabel's Temple. 4. 164 B.C., twenty-fifth Kislev, after the victory of Judas Maceabaeus over the Syrians the service lasted eight days. 5. 22 B.C., upon completion of Herod's Temple. The three Temples were destroyed on the same day and month of the year The " three-fold destruction " of the Temple took place on the ninth Ab, or fifth ecclesiastical month. Destruction of Temple, by Nebuchadnezzar, 588 B.C., or four hundred and sixteen years after dedication. Taking the city of Jerusalem by Titus is commemorated as a fast day on the seventeenth Tamuz. Passover, fourteenth Nisan- Little Passover, fifteenth Iyar. Pentecost, or First Fruits, commemorating the giving of the law on Mount Sinai sixth Sivan Great Day of Atonement, tenth Tishli. Feast of Tabernaeles, fifteenth to twenty-first Tishri. Fast for commencement of siege of Jenasalem by Nebuchadnezzar, tenth day of Tebeth. Feast of Purim, fourteenth and fifteenth Adar. King Cyrus liberated the Jews, 538 B.C. King Darius confirmed the Deeree, 520 B. C. (see Cons) .

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