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Hays, Moses Michael

Born 1739 in Lisbon, Portugal, his parents were Jews. In 1761, while in Jamaica, he secured the appointment of Deputy Inspector-General for North America for the Masonic Rite of Perfection. From Jamaica Brother Hays went to the West Indies and thence to Newport, Rhode Island, where he became active in the Fraternity. November 5, 1782, Brother Hays was proposed as a member of Massachusetts Lodge, Boston. He was elected Master, December 3, 1782, held this office until 1785, when he was appointed Junior Grand Warden and he served as Grand Master of the Massachusetts Grand Lodge from July 24, 1788, until March 5, 1792, at which time the union was effected between the two Grand Lodges of Massachusetts. which unity was due in a large way to the efforts of Brother Hays.

His death occurred May 9, 1805, and the Columbian Sentinel, Boston, published the following obituary notice ore May 11:

In the character of the deceased there is much worth of our admiration much for our imitation. Possessed by nature of a strong interest there was a vigor in his conception of men and things which gave a seeming asperity to his conversation, which was ever frank anal lucid. He walked abroad fearing no man, but loving all. Under his roof dwelt hospitality, it was an asylum of friendship, the mansion of peace. He was without guile. despising hypocrisy as he despised meanness. Take hint for all in all, he was A MAN. In his death society wills mourn the loss of a most estimable citizen, his family the kindest of husbands, the most indulgent of fathers. But what consolation shall we offer to assuage the violence of their grief? Why this is all--the recollection of his virtues, and that as he lived, so he died, that to his last moment the cheerfulness and benevolence of his whole life wasted not on his falling brow. Calm and without a sign he sunk to rest. and is non secure in the bosom of his Father and our Father, of his God and our God.

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