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In 1733, the Earl of Strathmore, Grand Master of England, granted a Deputation "to eleven German gentlemen, good Brothers, for constituting a Lodge at Hamburg" (see Anderson, Constitutions, 1738, page 194). of the proceedings of this Lodge we have no information. In 1740, Brother Luettman brought from England a Warrant for the establishment of a Lodge, and a Patent for himself, as Provincial Grand Master of Hamburg and Lower Saxony. In October, 1741, it assumed the name of Absalom, and in the same year the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hamburg and Saxony was opened, a Body which, Lindel says (on page 239 of his History) was the oldest Mother Lodge in Germany. About the year 1787, the Provincial Grand Lodge adopted the newly invented Rite of Frederick L. Schroder, consisting of only three Degrees. In 1801, it declared itself an independent Grand Lodge, and has so continued. The Grand Lodge of Hamburg practices Schroder's Rite (see Schroder). There is also in Hamburg a sort of Chapter, which was formed by Schroder, under the title of Geschichtliche Engbund, or Historical Select Union. It was intended as a substitute for Fessler's Degrees of Knowledge, the members of which employ their time in studying the various systems of Freemasonry. The Mutter-Bund of the Confederacy of Hamburg Lodges, which make up this system, is independent of the Grand Lodge. The two authorities are entirely distinct, and bear much the same relation to each other as the Grand Lodges and Grand Chapters of the United States.

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