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Elect of Truth, Rite Of

The French name is Rite des Elus de la Vrit. This Rite was instituted in 1776, by the Lodge of Perfect Union, at Rennes, in France. A few Lodges in the interior of France adopted this system; but notwithstanding its philosophical character, it never became popular, and finally, about the end of the eighteenth century fell into disuse. It consisted of twelve Degrees divided into two classes, as follows.

Knights Adept. 1. Apprentice 2. Fellow Craft 3. Master 4. Perfect Master Elects of Truth 5. Elect of Nine 6. Elect of Fifteen 7. Master Elect 8. Architect 9. Second Architect 10. Grand Architect 11. Knight of the East 12. Prince of Rose Croix

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